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Excursion ideas

South Jutland and Schleswig has many places of interest and historical importance.

Below is a list of towns and links for more information.


Slotsgade with beautiful and well-preserved old houses.

approx. 5 km west of Tønder.


Højer windmill, Højer sluice and Vidå sluice.
Many artists and galleries.

approx. 12 km west of Tønder.


The town with an imposing monastery, highschool, and retreat center.

approx. 15 km northeast of Tønder.

See Løgumkloster



Lakolk beach, Denmark's widest sandy beach.

Kommandørgården The Sea Captain's House on the island of Rømø is a preserved whaler's home and one of the island's old houses once owned by wealthy families.

See Rømø


In Ribe, which is Denmark's oldest town, you can see Ribe Cathedral, Viking museum, art museum and much more.

approx. 50 km north of Tønder.

See Ribe


An old harbour town, Husum Castle and crocus fields,, Roter Haubarg.

approx. 60 km south of Tønder.

See Husum

Sønderborg - Dybbøl:

Sønderborg Castle, Dybbøl Trenches, Dybbøl Museum and History Centre and Dybbøl Wind mill

approx. 75 km east of Tønder.




Founded in 1621 by Dutch settlers, has beautiful old houses and canals just like in Amsterdam.

approx. 75 km south of Tønder.

See Friedrichstadt


Schleswig Cathedral, Gottorp Castle and Dannevirke.

approx. 80 km southeast of Tønder.

See Schleswig

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