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Experience Tønder

Tønder, is one of the oldest market town in Denmark, it was granted municipal charter in 1243. 'The capital of the marshlands' is steeped in history and is famous for its beautiful old houses.

Tønder was established as a trading centre at the base of the delta of the Vidå river. During the first half of the 12th century, and throughout the Middle Ages, Tønder was a busy harbour town.

The cattle trade played an important role, but also the grain trade and the lace industry contributed to the wealth of the town, which is reflected in the many beautiful old gable houses from the 1600-1700 century

Today Tønder is a modern shopping town, offering a varied and rich commercial life, well-assorted shops, cafés and restaurants

Tønders trading association hosts exciting events all year round which takes place in the pedestrian street and in the town square, f.eks.

  • Old Fashioned Market Day, with lots of market stalls' in the pedestrian street
  • Open by night
  • Summer music in the town Square
  • The Christmas Market
  • and much more

Remember to keep an eye open and look up to catch architectural details of the buildings, as you walk through the streets of Tønder. 

Tønder offers many cultural experiences

Throughout the year there are many concerts, which include traditional, folk and classical music.

The Art gallery, Sculpture park, The lace exhibition in Drøshes House and more.

Many artists have workshops in the town and the surrounding area, see Vadehavskunst and Sønderjyske Kunstnere

Kristkirken (Christ Church) built in the 1500s is also well worth a visit.


The river Vidå runs through the town offering offering picturesque views and river walks.


For further information contact the Touristoffice

Thilde & Finn Jørgen Madsen - Søndergade 13 - DK-6270 Tønder             Thilde:    +45 4017 0940             Finn:    +45 2427 0536